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Creating an Effective Fitness Website

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 Create Valued Content:

The success of any blog depends on the quality of the content. There’s really no way around it. If the readers enjoy and value the content you wrote, the craft web site design should be stunning but won’t matter as much, they will come back or even invite others to follow your blog. Don’t forget to employ an AdWords agency Melbourne to boost your website and get more views. The most important thing to remember is: It’s all about your readers. You have to know their interests, their passions, what keeps them captivated who they are, and what they want to learn about from you. Different people have different preferences. Some people want hardcore strength training advice while some people want to lose body fat and/or improve their physique. Others might want to learn a little bit about general fitness and health, but be entertained a lot along the way.

What makes this industry interesting is that there are so many unique avenues and niches. This also helps you with brand building and finding your ideal buyer persona as your audience. If you are passionate about what you do and follow the steps outlined in this article. Then you can probably be fairly successful.

There is one person I really admire when it comes to content writing and that is Eric Cressey. This guy is a content machine. He produces about 4-5 blog posts per week, writing for other fitness websites and magazines while running a remarkable sports performance facility, and training like the cyborg we’ve all grown to know and love. It can be quite challenging if you have been doing this for an extended period of time. Looking for interesting topics is hard enough, let alone keeping up the pace. For instance, you want to start a blog but can’t figure out what to write about. People make this way harder than it needs to be. One thing you can do is re-write the book on a specific topic, or give just an absurd overview on it, but always remember, one of the biggest reasons people visit a blog is because the new information on their feeds.

If generating a specific content is quite a struggle, then here are a few quick ideas that I use to get you started:
Do a Q&A. In my experience, I receive about 50 to 100 emails daily asking me about various topics even if I can’t respond to all of them. If I get a very interesting question I often respond to it in a blog post so that all of my readers can benefit.

Flesh out a discussion. This is just like Q&A, but normally the question is asked during a training session with a client or athlete. Your client/athletes’ question would make for great content because they’re probably the same questions that other people are asking as well!

Write an out of this world post. This is the ultimate ADD fix for both author and reader.
Now, the biggest tip I can give to someone who is determined about writing but is having a hard time to get finished bloggable content.

Turn off your internal editor. If you only saw what my primary draft looked like, you wouldn’t believe it ended up being published. Working on content is no joke. It’s not beyond reason to see expletives, things in all caps, spelling errors out the flat-out horrible grammar. Need I say anything else???

There’s only one thing I can say about this: when I’m in the zone, I don’t want to leave the zone.
I don’t want to waste time editing, formatting, or cleaning anything up. My main focus is to get as much quality content as I can out of my head and into something that I can utilise with some degree of editing. This is a vital stage. I can’t tell you how many aspiring writers want to compose this perfect magnum opus on their first run. They want everything to be perfect for spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc., and they want it all the first time. Instead of getting those amazing ideas out of their heads, they spend 70% of their time formatting and cleaning things up. And before you know it, they have exactly one page written for 2-3 hours’ worth of work.

I know I am not the best writer ever, however, I’ve had successfully carried a fitness log for years now, been paid to write for major fitness magazine (online and offline), and most importantly, I’ve collaborated with some of the best authors in the business. And the one thing we all had in common is that we knew how to shut off our internal editor when needed and get work done. Hopefully, I haven’t over elaborated the point too much I just want to share that content truly is king.