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Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery

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Countless people, both female and male, choose to undergo cosmetic surgery, also referred to as plastic surgery, each year. Contemporary plastic surgeons can change just about any element of physical appearance, from facial features to human form. Some cosmetic surgery is required for medical and health purposes, for example, facial reconstruction after an accident or a breast reduction to ease discomfort, most procedures are purely voluntary and self-chose. Having an understanding of the benefits and risks of undergoing cosmetic surgery can help individuals make informed decisions on what procedures may be the best for them if any. These days there are so many procedures that can be done, including breast implants Melbourne which has always been popular as well as the increase in procedures such as labiaplasty.

Confidence Levels

For many, having cosmetic surgery could be critical to assurance levels and self-image. In case you’ve got a physical quality that you have spent years attempting to change and alter or with a recognisable effect on your everyday life or well-being, this is typically an indicator it’s something you genuinely want to change, instead of a sudden dislike to get something about yourself which became a problem. Obsession or hatred towards a specific body part or facial feature can point towards mental health problems and address these insecurities may be a more effective treatment option that irreversible surgery. Obviously, plastic surgery can provide the receiver with temporary short-term confidence, but over time this confidence can wear off and spur the desire for more and more surgeries to obtain that short-lived confidence boost. This results in a harmful mental cycle of self-doubt, seeking mental health help is a better way to deal with these issues.


One of the huge advantages of plastic surgery comes to people who have health problems about their appearance that irritate them. Some girls with huge breasts encounter excruciating back pain a breast reduction may remove or decrease discomfort significantly. Sinus problems can be eliminated by getting a nose job and opening up the nasal passages, and the removal of breast tissue can reduce the possibility of cancer developing in both males and females. These are examples of real health conditions that can be reduced through the undergoing of plastic surgery. These surgeries can increase the quality of life in those who need it rather than merely changing the appearance.


Cosmetic surgery is still a serious surgery and should not be dismissed. The potential for complications is present, as for every other surgery. Anxiety is an important disadvantage to plastic surgery, and healing times may be as long as six months in some instances. Some patients might be at risk for acute reactions to anaesthesia or might develop health problems like haemorrhaging because of the operation. There are always risks of infection and improper healing so always inform your surgeon of anything that may impact your procedure.


In some instances, plastic surgery does not create the results that the individual envisioned. This is usually a concern that corresponds to expectations and not the work was done by the surgeon. Wanting an unrealistic outcome from the surgery is a big problem, such as expecting to become a famous star or fixing all personal relationship issues is a significant drawback of having cosmetic work done. Before going under to have surgery, individuals must talk to their doctor and discuss what they expect the results to be and ensure these results are achieved, resulting in a more positive experience. Some people think of plastic surgery as a last resort to solving all their problems in life, but this is a harmful way to look at it. It can be easy to expect a drastic change in appearance and lifestyle from the surgery but in the end, it is true that cosmetic surgery is simply a physical change that may or may not translate into desired social or personal outcomes.


Cosmetic surgery can be costly and is generally not covered by medical care or insurance. There might also be a monetary loss because of time is taken off work and other activities for recovery. Nonetheless, in some instances, when there’s a health condition regarding the operation, there might be some kind of insurance reimbursement available. This occasionally happens when cosmetic surgery is utilised to fix birth defects, cosmetic surgery following an injury or in instances like acute recurrent sinus infections which may be fixed via rhinoplasty, which is the plastic surgery of the nose. When considering cosmetic surgery it is very important to factor in all the costs involved and see whether it is worth the investment. The high costs plastic surgery in Australia has prompted many individuals to get procedures done overseas which presents a whole lot more risks. Travelling overseas for procedures is risky as countries who offer cheaper surgery are often poorer developing countries that do not have the same resources and standards of care. Since cosmetic surgery is expensive, individuals can seek other non-surgical treatments for their concerns such as vaginal rejuvenation to increase confidence or g spot enhancement to elevate pleasure instead of plastic surgery.