Hundreds and thousands of people, including both males and females, undergo cosmetic surgery every year. Modern plastic surgeons can change just about any element of physical appearance, from facial features to body shape. While plastic surgery may be performed for medical reasons, such as reconstructing facial features after a crash, many other procedures are done on a voluntary basis. Weighing up the advantages and disadvantages prior to having cosmetic surgery can help people make a decision if it’s the right path for them. 

Whilst cosmetic surgery is a rather common thing these days, it is not necessarily the best option for everyone. For some people, undergoing cosmetic surgery will provide them with self-confidence and self-esteem, or in fulfilling a lifetime dream. However, in the end cosmetic surgery is a serious issue, it is an operation and based on the individual experience, it can mean pain and discomfort as well as prove long healing time and a complete change in lifestyle changes, which is not for everyone.  

Cosmetic surgery procedures include: 


If you are considering a cosmetic surgery procedure, it is important that you know the truth, to be able to make an informed decision about what you’re likely to have done, how and by whom. Here are a few pros and cons of cosmetic surgery: 


Helps to build confidence and self-esteem 

For some, having cosmetic surgery could be critical to confidence levels and self-image. When you’ve got a physical feature that you’ve spent years wishing was different or that has an impact on your everyday life or health, this is typically an indicator that it is something you genuinely want to change, instead of a sudden dislike to change something about yourself which recently became an issue. However, obsession over a particular feature on the body or face can indicate other underlying mental health issues, where other avenues such as therapy may be a better option. 

Positive health  

For those who have health problems related to appearance issues that impact on their health then surgery may be a suitable option. For example, some women with huge breasts experience excruciating back pain that a breast reduction may eliminate or reduce where the removal of breast tissue in men decreases the probability of cancer in that tissue. Where a nose job can potentially reduce sinus infections. 




As with any operation, there are health hazards involved, such as infection. Cosmetic surgery is still surgery and should not be taken lightly. There is always the potential for complications just as for any other type of surgery. Some patients may be at risk for severe reactions to anesthesia or may develop health problems like hemorrhaging as a result of their operation. 

Expectations vs reality 

Occasionally cosmetic surgery does not produce the results that the patient expected. The expectations may be greater than the outcome that was achieved by the surgeon. Expecting unrealistic results, like that the surgery will make you look like a film star or instantly solve all of your dating problems, can be a substantial drawback to having cosmetic processes. Individuals who consult with a physician prior to their process and come up with a realistic idea of what the final result will look like often have better experiences and more realistic expectations after their recovery. 


Cosmetic surgery can be costly and is generally not covered by medical care. There might also be a monetary loss because of the amount of time taken off work for the process of recovery. However, in some cases, when there’s a medical condition regarding the surgery, there may be some kind of insurance reimbursement available. This occasionally happens when cosmetic surgery is performed to fix birth defects, reconstructive surgery after an injury or in cases such as acute recurrent sinus infections that can be fixed via rhinoplasty, plastic surgery of the nose. 


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