When it comes to running a business, manpower is the most important ingredient. Without your employees, your company can’t become the well-oiled machine that it’s supposed to be. But how can you make sure that your employees keep their loyalty to you and show up for work? Have you had any online advice for improving worker productivity, health and well-being?

Statistics show that in Britain alone, companies lose 29 billion pounds simply due to employee absences. Why do employees choose to stay home than go to work? Ultimately, it may either be because of the toxicity of the workplace or the lack of enthusiasm between workmates. Offices are not meant to be “Zen” spaces. But creating a working environment that anyone can be comfortable, happy, and productive is more than enough to improve employee health and well-being.

How Offices Have Changed Over the Years

In modern times, mistreatment in the office is no longer acceptable. Gone are the days where employees work and stay focused because of fear. Now, millennials are running the show and they specifically avoid work environments that don’t promote creativity and happiness. They look for businesses that have happy employees with high levels of productivity, diversity, and innovation. Millennials are after a workplace so good that they would write digital content about it.

Offices that consider their employees’ well-being as a priority do better these days than offices that don’t. The new breed of working Joes and Janes go for companies that value not only comfort but also ethics and profitability. They want to feel they can create something of their own and voice out their opinions without the feeling of being ridiculed or disregarded.

Things You Can Do for Your Employees

As head of the company or leader of a team, you should set an example to your colleagues. You have to actively advocate habits and daily routines that can promote health and well-being. You can do this by simply starting a fitness and wellness group, or investing in a mind or business coach for a seminar. Activities you can do can include going on a quick getaway at least a few times a year or lead an exercise to meet every weekend. You can even install a mini gym inside your office to encourage your employees.

It’s also very important that you be aware of your employees’ problems. Mental illness is silent but can be very incapacitating in subtle ways. Over 40% of sick leaves are due to mental health issues and not everyone is capable or knowledgeable about giving assistance. Being approachable and giving your employees, a sufficient number of holidays can increase their emotional and mental stability. This also provides them precious time with their friends, families, and loved ones.

And if you really want to get ahead of these problems, you can take the initiative and find out the problems that are occurring in the workplace. There are companies that offer on-site doctors which check employees to make sure they are mentally and emotionally fit to work. Once given enough information and gathered ample assessment, these doctors are able to pinpoint what should be changed in your employees’ lifestyle. Aim to give your employees a place they want to be writing content about rather than just a place to go and work.

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