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How to stay healthy during IVF treatment

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How to stay healthy during IVF treatment

Approximately 1 in 8 women find it difficult becoming pregnant, specialists estimate. Many women who have trouble falling pregnant try other fertility alternatives, for example in vitro fertilisation (IVF), which is the most common alternative for having a biological baby. In fact, more IVF babies are born now than ever before studies show.

IVF is a medical procedure where a female’s egg is fertilised with sperm, leading to an embryo. The embryo is then frozen and moved into the female’s uterus, which can then result in a pregnancy.

There have been some questions from people wondering whether they are able to decide the gender of their baby when using IVF. Choosing the sex yourself is called baby gender selection and is not legal in Australia, unless there are specific circumstances. However, there are countries such as the United States where gender selection is totally legal. There are some IVF sex selection services that help Australian parents-to-be find these specific IVF treatments in America.

You might experience many different feelings during the various stages of your IVF cycle. Stress, anxiety, and doubt are common due to the significant financial and physical investment you put in for the chance to become pregnant. Hormones can also have an impact on your mood and emotions during this time.

It makes perfect sense to most that the 30 days leading up to your IVF cycle are important when it comes to making sure your body is healthy, powerful, and fully ready for the intensive health procedure.

This is a handy little guide that you can use to give yourself (and your spouse) the best chance possible at having a baby through IVF.

Hopefully with this information, you will not just endure your IVF cycle but flourish throughout the whole process.

Prepare yourself to be surprised by your strength.


It’s important to stay positive during IVF. Here are some tips:


Have realistic expectations

You might become pregnant with IVF straight away, which would be excellent, but even if it doesn’t work the very first time around, that doesn’t mean anything is “wrong”. It’s still highly probable that you will end up pregnant with another embryo or during following IVF cycles. Some women take longer time to conceive, particularly if they’re a bit older. All the research conducted has demonstrated that in the event that you keep going with IVF, your odds of having a baby increases.


Do not allow the treatment consume you

Knowing it may take months to fall pregnant, try to continue having fun. Maintain a fantastic sexual connection with your spouse. It’s a part of people’s normal lifestyle to have a coffee in the morning or a glass of wine when they go out to a nice restaurant. If you stop eating or drinking things you love, it will feel like you continuously remind yourself that you “aren’t pregnant yet”, making the treatment period of IVF appear never-ending. Get on with your regular life. Make the choice to perform a specific amount of IVF cycles (for example three) without overthinking this procedure. If you aren’t pregnant at the end of the time, sit down with your spouse and physician and discuss if anything should change or whether it’s merely a matter of continuing.


Friends & Family


Some women or couples going through IVF have friends or family that know what they’re going through and can offer much support. Other people prefer to not allow family and friends know they’re going through IVF since they don’t wish to deal with the constant questions of “are you pregnant yet”? The most important thing is that you listen to yourself and your partner and do what feels right for you. Ultimately it’s your soon-to-be pregnancy and you should go through with it as you wish.



Back Exercises For Women With Heavy Busts

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Back Exercises For Women With Heavy Busts

Big busted women will tell you that their larger size in breasts has an impact on their day to day activities, exercise being the main one. Some women I talk to have naturally large breasts, while others have had affordable breast implants done in Australia. For both kinds of women, though, it is hard to exercise. That’s why I’ve listed some exercises that give your back a good workout but that are also easy to do, despite your large breast size.

The treadmill

The treadmill can be a killer if your cup size is above a D. You can avoid this problem by setting the treadmill to a higher incline, and walk fast – instead of running. This can get the blood pumping without you having to jump. This is good for your back and won’t cause too much trauma for your breasts. 

Low impact cardio

Low impact cardio is suitable for those with bigger boobs and wants to exercise their backs, as it puts less pressure on your spine. Moderate cardio can be swimming, cycling and walking, where you have control over how hard you are pushing yourself and what feels comfortable in the breast department.


Wearing a halter neck swimming top will offer support for your boobs (and make you feel comfortable) when swimming. Swimming is good for your back and with the water balancing out the weight of your breasts your back won’t get strained. It’s an excellent way to get in shape! And it gives you the benefit of trying the hot sauna afterwards. 

Strength training

Strength training can increase the muscle mass in your back and help you to burn more fat. Strength training can be anything from resistance machines, heavy deadlifting weights from the floor to doing some quick reps with dumbbells. Strength training is suitable for your back as long as you wear a sport supported bra that is designed for bigger boobs. Just make sure you are careful so as not to hurt yourself

Squat to toe raises

If you stand with your feet wider than your shoulder width and have your toes pointing slightly outward, you then bend your knees until the thighs become parallel to the ground. Now you need to extend your legs and lift on your toes as high as you can. Now squeeze your bum for a few seconds. That is one rep done. Try and do 15 reps if you can. This will increase your back strength and make it easier for your body to carry your breast weight. 

Plank Up- Downs

Plank up-downs are one of the many universally dreaded planks, but it happens to be good for your core muscles and your back. To do this, you need to be in a push-up position but have your legs together and wrists underneath your shoulders. You can lower your forearms to the ground now but keep your body in a straight line from the heels to your head. Soon return to the starting positions by putting your right palm on the ground, then your left and extending both elbows. That means one rep has been completed. Now repeat and aim for ten reps on each side. 

Back extension on the ball

Using a fitness ball for the back extension, it engages muscles all through your body as you lift your torso and balance to work out your back muscles. Again, this is great to build back strength and support your heavy bust.

Plank walkouts

I know what you are thinking… not another plank! But it’s so good for you. Start by standing with your feet about hip-width apart. Keep your knees soft. Now you need to bend from the waist to place your palms on the ground until they are an inch or two from your toes. Walk your hands forward until your body becomes a straight line from the heels to your head. You need to keep your legs straight as much as you can, walking your hands back towards your feet. Stand up to complete the one rep. You need to continue this for ten reps.

P.S. If you are really struggling with your big bust, it might be worth looking into breast augmentation surgery, but I will talk about that in another post! 

I know it’s hard to get started, but once you’re in a routine you won’t think twice about it. Try to remember that you are doing this for your own sake – to have a healthy and strong body. Good luck! 

8 Places For A Romantic Evening in Melboune

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8 Places For A Romantic Evening in Melboune

While not a must, healthy love between partners can be enhanced by romantic nights out. After all who doesn’t love spending time with their hubby. With Melbourne being Australia’s second-biggest city, it is a great place to spend some time with your partner. Boasting of beautiful skylines, bustling nightlife and picturesque gardens, there is no better place to enjoy some romance together. Not just pretty scenery, Melbourne offers everything from dinner cruises to romantic old-world theatres and intimate jazz clubs. So leave your home with a peace of mind, call up your local nanny agency and clear your evening plans for the magical evening of your dreams.

Here are a few places that will spark the romance in your life:

Watching the Sunset

Melbourne has got you covered in terms of sunset dinners. Be it contemplative or romantic. The choice is yours. The rooftop bar on Swanston street is many Melbournians first choice to enjoy wine and watch the sunset. Complete with cady striped deckchairs, a well-stocked bar, an outdoor cinema and beautiful turf where you can sit and watch the sunset over the impressive skyscrapers.


Melbourne Planetarium

Melbourne view of milky wayFor a date that is out of this world, consider visiting the Melbourne Planetarium, where you can watch the stars and comic presentation over an impressive 16-metre domed ceiling.

Contemplate the wonders of the universe with your partner as you watch the visual display accompanied by dazzling audio, followed by a live presentation of the beautiful night sky — no better way to make your affections soar.

Icebar Melbourne

Time to break the ice at the Ice Bar, which is the only one in Australia. A place where you can try a drink in the subzero temperatures and play avalanche Jenga. You are fully equipped with gloves, snow boots and capes to protect against the cold. If that doesn’t keep you warm a romantic cuddle with your love surely will.

Chocoholic Tour

man and woman sitting next to table eating chocolate pancakesFor a yummy date, head to Chocolate Lanes and Arcade Tours. Time to indulge in a chocoholic tour through Melbourne with ten different chocolate tastings, including a cacao tasting. A tasty tour including morning and afternoon tea, wine and delicate treats all for couples to enjoy.

Escape Room

Locked in a room and forced to solve cryptic puzzles, having a date at the escape room can be an excellent way to explore your relationship. Discover the strengths of each other and learn to work together to solve riddles and puzzles. There is a range of lingual, physical, lateral and mathematical brain teasers that must get solved within a time frame.

Rock Climbing

girl indoor rock climbingTake your relationship to new heights with the walls at Hard Rock Climbing. You will build trust as one of you climbs to the top as the other holds the rope. Twenty-eight climbing walls overlook Swanston street. For $30 you can gain entry, shoe hire, harness and all-day climbing.

Secret Foodies


healthy loving couple holding hands under romantic lights

A date often includes dinner; there is nothing typical about Secret Foodies. Secret Foodies is a surprise event that gets hosted at an undisclosed location which is only given to you after you have purchased tickets. If you are dating a foodie, but suck at cooking, this is a promising evening they won’t get forgotten.


Still not sure where to go? Check Timeout Melbourne for a comprehensive list of all the best Melbourne events and attractions to find the place for you and your love.

If you need help finding a nanny in Melbourne for your child, we’ve got you covered.